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What do we want? Green onion-flavoured cereal.

When do we want it? Now!

Said no one ever… uhm, except the people of South Korea.

What started as a PR stunt by Kellogg’s Korea 16 years ago, turned into a fight for democracy.

Back in 2004, Kellogg’s asked the people of Korea to vote for a flavour cereal that they would like to taste. It was between two flavours: green onion or chocolate. Obviously, the green onion was just a joke and would never win, right? Wrong!

Reuters reports that Kellogg’s Korea was completely caught off guard when the public took the vote serious and green onion claimed a landslide victory.

The cereal company then pretended that the votes were tweaked, and that chocolate was the actual winner. But, the South Korean people saw right through it and kept campaigning for their flavour until Kellogg’s eventually gave in, 16 years later.

"We never expected consumers would be interested in this product for over 16 years," Kim Hee-yeon, a spokeswoman for Kellogg’s Korea told Reuters. "Every time we launched new cereals or had promotional events, online communities would repeatedly ask for the flavour."

Well, it looks like the people of South Korea are enjoying some freedom and democracy with every bowl of Kellogg’s green onion-flavoured cerial.

Watch the JJ Rockets video below of how the green onion-flavoured cereal came to life.

Image credit: Reuters

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