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In the spirit of Halloween, here are some creepy videos of terrifying dolls caught on camera moving by themselves. You can be the judge if it's real or fake.

Haunted dolls inspired movies like Child's Play, the one that featured the murderous Chucky, keep a lot of us up at night. Like this one creepy clown doll that seemed to know was being filmed as it looked right at the camera its owner had set up to investigate overnight. The dude found some strange evidence of the moving doll caught on tape and it's freaky!

Also, there's a supernatural moving doll whose owners say moves from room to room in real life. Creepy. Then, there's a list analysis of five creepy dolls moving around on their own all caught on video. Sometimes you can see a string being pulled to move the arms while others are just bad use of Photoshop or video editing software – but some of the videos are a bit too bizarre to explain.

If you are not freaked out by composition dolls that were made somewhat 100 years ago then its possible you can make it through this video without getting scared.

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