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A video of a terrifying moment has made the rounds on social media. It's the almost unbelievable story of a shark leaping out of the water... And tearing a chunk out of the foot of a paraglider in the Red Sea! 

The horrifying video shows the shark leaping out of the sea, sinking its teeth into a 37-year-old Jordanian man hovering above the surface. 

The massive bite led to the man losing the back part of his foot and several tendons and was left with torn muscles and broken bones. 

After the attack, emergency services rushed the man to Prince Hashem Military Hospital in the port city. Due to his injuries, he had to undergo an operation on his right foot. Mohammed Khalil Al Zabada of the College of Marine Sciences explained that shark attacks in the Gulf of Aqaba are rare. There are many types of sharks that swim in the Red Sea but would not usually swim in shallow water off the Jordanian coast.

"Sharks are found in all the seas of the world, and in the Red Sea there are many types of sharks. But their presence in the Aqaba region is very rare."

However, over the past few years, several people have been mauled by the animals in the Red Sea. Back in October 2020, a 12-year-old boy and a tour guide were part of a group of six snorkelling in the waters. They had their limbs ripped off in a horrific shark attack just off the coast of Egypt. The group were swimming around the Ras Muhammud reef at Sharm-El-Sheikh when three of the group were bitten.

Well, this story sounds like the start of another shark movie. Move over, Jaws, there's a new shark on the block, and he can fly!

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