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Adulting is somewhat one of the hardest things to perfect. And when you actually start realising you’re adulting we can’t help but congratulate ourselves from finally figuring something out. 

If you’re not familiar with the term, celebrating adulting, let’s just say it describes someone who is of adult age but doesn't feel like one. However, when they actually accomplish an adult thing, like remembering to save money, or use a reusable shopping bag, it counts as a victory that’s worth celebrating. Because we all know being a grown up can be really though, and celebrating these little moments or victories makes it a bit easier. 

There are however some particular victories that you might also relate too, meaning that you are not the only person going through adulting struggles and reach victories one at a time.  

Designer and illustrator Cristina Vanko shares in the adulting victories and even she shares her accomplishments by creating cute illustrations in her ongoing project called #100daysofadulting.

Each of Vanko’s hilarious and yet relatable illustrations start with the phrase, “You know you’re an adult when…” and continues with a victory. 

Vanko depicts parts of her life and victories with her creative images and her a bright, cartoonish style and hand lettering. For Vanko when these moments happen depicts her illustrations, they signify a bigger shift in how she lives her life. Vanko embraces the small changes you go through becoming and knowing you’re becoming an adult.

For example in her pre-adulting years, Vanko might’ve stood up and watched the entire show while dancing however now a days she enjoys a live event from the comfort of her paid seat.  

Not only is she making adulting life a little better one illustration at a time, but Vanko has also created a corresponding journal called Adult-ish where you too can document all of the ways in which you’re growing up. “It’s always weird to me when people tell me ‘we’re so old!’ in a negative way. It’s part of life and we’re all moving forward. So let’s make the best of it!”

Check out some more victories of adulting below.

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