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Some athletes have it all. The looks, the body and the athletic ability. They just seem to be too perfect to be true and maybe even as attractive as... adult film stars? You would be surprised how difficult Olympians and adult film stars are to tell apart. When Olympians pose in a sexy, sultry way for the cover of Sports Illustrated in tiny bikinis it kinda reminds you of the sex appeal of an adult film star. So much so that Jimmy Kimmel decided to mix things up a bit to challenge his audience into guessing whether the person in the photo is an adult film star or an Olympian.

Now, this game makes it easy to catch people out because we all know that guy sitting there quietly knows exactly who all of the adult film stars are. Many people had an awkward realisation when they could name every single adult film star but didn't have a clue who any of the Olympians were.

We are thinking most of the guys sitting next to their girlfriends kept saying Olympian to save themselves a world of pain... nice save, bro!

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