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One of the most exciting and audacious physical pursuits is skiing. Here, skiers are at the mercy of the topography, as opposed to other sports where the field is defined by man. Because of this, certain areas are much riskier than others and should only be attempted by skilled athletes.

A terrifying clip from the 2016 film project La Liste features skier Jeremie Heitz descending the Ober Gabelhorn, a nearly vertical slope in the Swiss Pennine Alps.

"Any child drawing a mountain would most likely be a portrait of the Obergabelhorn," Heitz remarked in the documentary Nevia, which delves into the difficulties of skiing such a mountain. The Ober Gabelhorn's north face, which Heitz descends in the video, has an average steepness of 55°, but it gets steeper towards the top. In fact, the video's angle gives it a more vertical appearance, almost like a free fall.

Heitz descends through the snow in cautious yet lightning-fast diagonal moves rather than gliding. He can spread out his motions as he gets closer to the bottom. And even though it appears like a difficult path, he succeeds and comes away with an incredible tale to share. 

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