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The piece of art you are viewing was not painstakingly drawn with a pen and ink. Rather, it is made up totally of the characters and symbols found on an old-fashioned typewriter. James Cook, an artist, is well-known throughout the world for his language-inspired and text-based works. Throughout the past ten years, Cook has produced over 300 drawings using his ever-expanding collection of vintage typewriters.

These include portraits of well-known people and figures from popular culture like the young Blake Shelton he drew that led to his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The London-based artist has also imitated a great deal of well-known paintings, ranging from Banksy to Leonardo da Vinci and everything in between. 

His typewriter artwork comes in a variety of sizes, from postcards to enormous wall hangings spanning several feet. Cook frequently uses words that are directly related to the subjects of his drawings, which adds to the uniqueness of his work. Deciphering the tiny secrets concealed in the artwork is half the fun.

Cook mostly used Vs, A's, N's, G's, O's, T's, and H's to recreate the well-known painter Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait. The phrases "earring," "girl," and "pearl" are repeatedly written on the page in his replica of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring.

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