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Being physically fit entitles one to numerous benefits. Simple acts like reaching for something on a higher shelf or getting up or sitting on your own are frequently taken for granted. To give people with lower limb impairments this freedom and visibility, the Lithuanian startup Chronus Robotics has created a self-balancing mobility robot.

The Kim-e is a creative wheelchair that resembles a Segway that makes it easier for people with disabilities to move around the world more visibly and comfortably. "Motorsport served as an inspiration for the concept of this novel mobility device. We have seen a lot of wheelchair users in motorsport over the years.

Even Formula One teams that employ the most cutting-edge technologies available use manual wheelchairs for the majority of their users, according to Chronus Robotics. "This gave rise to the concept of developing a personal mobility robot that would enable individuals to work with dignity and engage in free communication." The first model was created after ten years of planning and adjustments, and it eventually resulted in Kim-e, the finished product.

Images and videos of the product show off its remarkable distinctions from wheelchairs that are typically seen today. According to Chronus Robotics, "Our challenge was to keep the person visible while leaving both the wheelchair and the disability unnoticed." "We have accomplished our goal: if Kim-e is to be called a wheelchair, it is an invisible one, thanks to our patent-pending technologies.”

Kim-e's streamlined body supports the user's back and legs without being heavy. The ergonomic design of the device keeps the user comfortable even when they travel at up to 12 mph and shift from standing at eye level to sitting down. Kim-e is hands-free because it is also operated by the user's upper body movements. A lithium battery that takes four hours to fully charge can propel the robot up to 19 miles. It is also foldable for convenient transportation. 

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