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Like all heroes, "Wandi" the puppy has a backstory, which started in August when he fell from the sky in Wandiligong, Australia. Wandi was eventually found hiding in a resident's backyard after some sobbing. In addition to thinking him adorable, the locals couldn't understand what kind of puppy it was—a fox or a dog? Wandi was taken to the Alpine Animal Hospital the day after she was found, and vets ran DNA tests on her right away. This lost puppy turns out to be an extremely rare Australian Alpine Dingo. 

Dr Bec Day, a veterinarian who saw Wandi when he was first brought to the animal hospital, believes that the marks on his back were probably caused by an eagle carrying him, which explains why the pup was discovered by himself. Luckily for young Wandi, things are going to change soon.

Wandi was carefully moved to the Australian Dingo Foundation's sanctuary, which is located at the foothills of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, while his results from the DNA test were being processed. 

Wandi has been officially classified as a rare purebred, so the sanctuary originally brought him there as a precaution. However, they are hoping he can contribute significantly to their breeding program.

Australia is home to three different species of dingos: alpine, inland, and tropical; only the alpine is endangered. In a 2011 article, Australian Geographic also cautioned that since the majority of purebred dingos in east Australia are at least 50% domestic dogs, there is a greater chance that they will go extinct. This is the reason why the Australian Dingo Foundation's breeding program and future hold great significance for the discovery of precious Wandi.

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