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Kris Jenner recently went on the Ellen show to talk about a range of topics, from Kanye at the White House to season fifteen's fights between Kim and Kourtney.

Because the season was filmed way ahead of time, we are already seeing how Kim and Kourtney have resolved the issues they had in the beginning of the new season.

Kris Jenner spoke out about the fighting, saying, "I think that was accumulative, that was something that was built up over a really long period of time and I think that they had been having these differences of opinion on Kourtney's work ethic, who was working harder and her priorities weren't like their priorities were, and it kind of all built up."

"I'm not always there for those moments, you know im not always babysitting these kids and making sure everybody is playing nice, and I was there for a few of those times where they weren't getting along so that was really hard," Kris added.

If you have watched the series or seen some of the viral moments you will know what 'momager' Kris is talking about. If not, a really rough moment in one of the first episodes of the first season was when Kourtney couldn't fit the Christmas calendar shoot into her schedule, even though Kim pointed out that she doesn't run her own business like everyone else in the family. Needless to say, the row ended with Kim having the last word by stating that if Kourtney is so busy she must not show up because "she's the least interesting to look at anyway".

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