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One of the most exciting things about caring for animals is the constant attention they receive. Wildlife keeper Foxfeather Zenkova noticed this when one of her emus hatched some old eggs and a swarm of small chicks was born. The difference is  that this male emu hatched not only emu eggs, but also goose, chicken, and duck eggs. 

Zenkova,  a conservation educator and artist, lives in Minnesota and has restored 98 acres of land. She builds a meadow where she takes care of animals, including bees, yaks,  turkeys, vultures, geese, emus and all kinds of birds. In early May, one of the emus, a male named BB-8, laid eggs in the duck house and took over. "In emu, only the male incubates the eggs and takes care of the young, while the female lays the eggs and jumps around. This means that the rearing period for them is over," Zenkova explains. The nest contained goose and chicken eggs, as well as at least two old emu eggs (Zenkova knew about anyway) that she had laid in the winter. Zenkova, who wasn't sure if the emu eggs would hatch or if the eggs hatched by BB-8  would hatch,  decided to share the story with his followers on Twitter.

The incubation period for emu eggs is 46 to 56 days, so the hard-working father sat on the eggs for more than a month. On June 2, Zenkova tweeted: "Our faithful emu father did not let go of the duck, goose or chicken eggs he held in his hands. If they hatch, they may hatch quickly. Typical for hatching other animals I don't know if they can actually hatch because the temperature and humidity aren't right, but I've seen some weird things.'' No. 8 knows exactly what he's doing, and patiently continues to hatch the eggs. Twenty-one days later, on June 23, Zenkova excitedly tweeted: "Everyone has been wondering what a breeding male emu is doing and he gave us quite a surprise this morning. In a video posted, a  baby emu emerges from its nest. It looks around and chirps under its father's wings. After just three days, two, then four, and finally six little emus hatched, all curious little chicks. "He must be hiding eggs in another dimension," joked a surprised Zenkova. In another video of Zenkova with her dog, BB-8 can be seen hissing and growling as it defends itself, sounding exactly like a velociraptor. 
It is unclear what happened to the eggs of other birds with different breeding requirements for temperature and humidity. When a Twitter follower asked about the eggs he had adopted, Zenkova replied, ``Most of them are gone (I think they were eaten), but some of the goose eggs he had were still developing.'' So I placed it under the incubator." "Everyone else had a good chance of making it, the geese *maybe*, but now their chances are much higher." Anyway, with six healthy baby emus, BB-8 is doing a good job. After a few days, he began showing the children around the farm and teaching them what was good to eat and drink. A faithful father reminds us that animals know better.

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