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Nature is full of surprises. Nick Castro,  owner of the California-based company Nick's Extreme Pest Control, notices many strange things happening at work. But even he was shocked by what he found within the walls of a client's  Santa Rosa home. What should have been a routine visit to repair woodpecker damage led to the discovery of a cache containing thousands (if not millions) of acorns. 

Woodpeckers, which dig up tree trunks with their beaks, have been known to poke holes in the siding of houses. Castro was called to deal with such a situation and he expected to find several acorns hidden in the walls of the house that the bird had hidden. What he hadn't expected was the rain of nuts that would pour out of the hole he had drilled in the wall.

"They kept coming and coming," Castro said. "It was believed that acorns were  only  a quarter of the height of a wall. They turned out to be piled up in the attic of the house. The total amount of acorns was 700 pounds, filling eight large garbage bags. "I've never seen anything like it," he added.
After collecting all  the nuts, Castro went to work repairing the damage to the house, covering it with vinyl siding  and patching the holes in  hopes of preventing the woodpecker from returning. Hopefully this will help the bird find a better place to store  food so its hard work doesn't go to waste in the future. 
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