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Some people loves the adrenaline rush of diving into the deep sea or shark cage diving to experience the beautiful creatures under water.

However, how far will you go, out of your own free will, to get that experience?

Footage revealed a man diving into the ocean after spotting a "basking shark", and wanted to swim with it.

The video first shows the fin of a large fish moving above the surface of the water, about two meters away from the boat. The man is seen standing on the boat and inspecting the sea creature which circles the area.

The man then decides to dive into the water next to the shark. The monster fish then disappears under water, and he's heard saying: "That was a bad idea."

The Darwin Award seeker suddenly turns around and tries to swim back to the boat, while his buddy on the deck shouts out; "Get back on the boat!"

The cameraman attempts to follow the shark with the camera to keep its sight on the shark. The swimmer is heard shouting: "Ah! I touched it! Oh f**k."

The shark is seen circling round and passing close to the boat below the surface of the water.

The cameraman is heard saying, "Dude that's a Gr...", before appearing to think better of finishing the sentence. Instead, he finishes the sentence by saying "That's not a basking shark dude."

The location where the footage was taken is still unknown, however the video has received more than 43,000 up votes on Reddit. Basking and great white sharks are often confused for one another due to their similarities in colour and size.

Basking sharks are one of the largest species of shark but move slowly and are generally tolerant of divers. Great whites on the other hand can be much more aggressive.

"Who sees a shark fin and jumps into the water?", a viewer commented on the video.

"Holy c**p that made me anxious," said another.

We're just thinking, "Dumbass..."

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