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Maine Coon cats are known as the “gentle giants” due to their majestic size and sociable and kind nature. According to breeders, these cats are loyal to other pets and children and are faithful, like dogs, when it comes to their owners.

With their distinctive long fur and expressive faces, these felines have a unique mythical quality that definitely makes them one of the favourite breeds among cat lovers. 

One Maine Coon beauty recently caught the internets attentions. Adorable Lotus is a glamorous fluff ball who’s full of personality. Its easy to see why Lotus has racked up over 75 000 Instagram followers. Because who can resist his huge fluffy paws, a cotton candy-esque tail and his lynx-like ears.  

The blonde beauty spend his days surveying his land and of course taking lots of long cat naps throughout the day. He almost takes up the whole couch. 

Lotus is definitely more on the elegant side, however he too enjoys having his silly moments of often pulling hilarious faces during photo sessions. 

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