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It's time to celebrate, and laugh at these Christmas fails!

The festive season is a time to rejoice, connect with family and reflect on the past year. However, it's not always incident-free, just ask the people in the Christmas fails video below.

Often, the season really only kicks in when it's time to get a tree. Harvesting one yourself is quite fun, especially when it falls on an unsuspecting spectator. Once this is done, it's time to carry it to the vehicle to transport home. Once again, this can turn into a comedy of errors as the tree is usually too bulky for one person to carry easily.

Eventually, once at home, it's time to decorate. This is the best time, especially for the kids. However, inevitably the base is unstable, one of the children will smash a glass bauble, and the cat will disappear into the branches. A falling tree is unavoidable.

At some point, the tree will be up and decorated. There will many presents underneath and milk and cookies out for Santa. The joy is palpable. But what would Christmas day be without a drunk uncle or an uncoordinated kid on a hoverboard crashing into it?

In the video below by YouTube channel, The Best Fails, you'll see all of this and more, with overexcited kids falling and fed up dads fighting the Christmas lights.

It's a joyous season, merry Christmas, enjoy a hearty laugh on us!

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