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These smartphone accessories you might find yourself wanting to buy for Christmas.

Let's take a look at what the dudes at Dope or Nope decides on these accessories:

Nite Ize
It's a mount/clamp for your phone to attach to your car aircon vent or whatever else you can clamp to that's similar.
Test: You have to actually buy the mount separately so its a NOPE.

Deeper Pro
Four season sonar to use for ice, kayak and shore fishing. Wireless fish finder compatible with iOS/Android devices
Test: If you're out where there is no signal, it won't work, if it bobs underwater for too long it will lose its signal. Other than that it finds fish so its a DOPE.

Icarta Toilet Speaker
Toilet paper dispenser with an iPod dock so you can play music through the speakers inside the toilet paper dispenser.
Test: It dispenses toilet paper and plays your music so its a DOPE.

Sony Lens G
Smartphone attachable compact lens.
Test: If you have a phone where the camera is quite bad, attach it to your phone, connect the wifi and it will save the picture taken off that lens. So if you need a camera lens that will do a better job than your phone camera its a DOPE.

See the video below for more cool smartphone accessories that you might be tempted to buy this Christmas Season.

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