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A Local Michigan artist, David Zinn was inspired to uplift some sidewalks by bringing them to life with his charming chalk drawings for the amusement of passersby. 

For years viewers have been fascinated by his sweet cartoon animal characters who interact with the surrounding environment. Since Zinn started he couldn’t stop and are still creating artwork that utilises the overgrown grass and even the cracks in the sidewalk in optical illusions. Some of his drawings reveals flying pigs, small rodents, and even aliens who is now existing among passersby.

While many artists had to put their work and plans for art on a hold, Zinn’s outdoor public art still provided him the opportunity to continue his work in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Zinn made use of his immediate neighborhood to portray as a giant “canvas” for his art. He finds the perfect spot to draw each and every character so that they too can sit and enjoy the view. 

Some of his most eye-catching art pieces were drawn on the ground and the objects near by. Leaves sticking up from in between bricks offers one of his recurring characters, a mouse named Nadine, wings so that she can fly.

“All in all, I’m feeling grateful that there are opportunities for cheerful nonsense even in the middle of this very weird time, and lucky that my chalk art is something I can do (and other people can enjoy) safely and socially distanced.”

The artist has also released a new book called Chalk Art Handbook that contains all of his “tricks and secrets” to learn anyone to draw some of the cutest characters. 

Scroll down to see more of Zinn's adorable chalk characters along the way.

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