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I'm no Doomsday prepper, which is probably why I would last the apocalypse, but these DIY YouTubers show us the meaning of planning and survival skills.

The first apocalypse experts involve a pair of men who are able to live off the land by creating spears out of bamboo and using them to catch their dinner. The best part is, they always use a squeeze of lemon to spice up their food even if its cooked over a fire of leaves and sticks.

The next DIY expert literally made an underground cement man–cave lined with metal walls and beams on the roof, filled with cement. It is even fitted with a flat screen tv and drum set. However, the most important part of the cave is the stock of various exotic weapons such as flamethrowers and Wolverine claws that would scare anyone.

The next guy just decided to skip the man–cave and kit out his tank which he navigates over rocky terrain like a pro. 

The age-old question has finally been answered – gun or ax. It turns out since zombies are so slow, an ax is more effective to kill a herd of approaching zombies. 

Need advice on zombie slaying? Zombie Go Boom is your place, giving you reviews as to the best weapons to chop off zombie's heads!

The next YouTube DIY guru is literally able to build a house completely out of clay and use nature to survive, even making fire the good old fashioned, stick and stone way. He learned all of this from reading how-to books, so I guess reading is useful – even in a zombie apocalypse...

To top it all off, we are even able to make a stove out of a beer can and a couple of matches as shown by one Russian DIY expert.

If a zombie apocalypse ever had to take over, we would all be better off with these guys by our side!

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