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Unless you have access to free booze, a good band or you're just a hopeless romantic – a wedding can be a bit of a bore for anyone. Not to mention, it's a big fat reminder that you're single if you are. 

So, unless you're in the bridal party and get to reap all the benefits, weddings can be quite boring.

Now, imagine being a child. Boy or girl, you're usually forced into some dress or tuxedo that you'd never want to wear, you have to sit for hours listening to a priest talking about something you don't yet understand, and sometimes they even expect you to bring rings or throw rose petals!

But that's not even the worst part. After the ceremony, you're still expected to stick around looking cute while no one pays any attention to you at all.

On top of it all, you can't get drunk like everyone else. Why even go to a wedding?

Well, these kids were not shy at all about how bored they were at these weddings!

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