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What would your reaction be when you see a newborn baby with inch-long manicured nails? Well, so far, the internet has definitely put that idea into the no-no box since a photo of a newborn baby with long, pointed nails has gone viral. 

Not only has the internet been shocked but people warned that the inch-long 'claws' could be incredibly dangerous. 

A woman recently faced serious backlash after sharing a photo on Facebook, showing a woman's thumb gripping a baby's tiny hand, which appears to have had a manicure, with lengthy fake nails attached. 

Posting the image, the woman captioned: "I can do your babies nails...cheap rates."

Some social media users quickly pointed out how dangerous that could be, as one commented: "Baby nails are sharp enough as is, I can't imagine equipping my daughter with claws. Hard pass."

The photos show a newborn's hand which appears to have been given several different manicures. All the manicures included lengthy fake nails and some with sharp edges.

The mother showed off her skills at perfecting the stiletto shape, a square and an oval edge. 

The strange advert has also been shared on Reddit, where it has prompted outrage from fellow parents. 

One commented: "You’re supposed to keep your baby’s nails cut short so they don’t hurt themselves… this is trashy and f***in stupid", while another added that "This is highly dangerous. Babies often times will poke themselves in the eyes or face and even without nails they'll leave scratch marks. This is straight up stupid and will only harm the baby further".

"I could understand painting a babies nails, but giving them fake ones? It’s too dangerous! They constantly are touching their faces, so it could really do damage to their eyes. It’s better to wait until they are a lot older," commented another.

Several other comments also pointed out the dangers, as one said "Oh gosh this seems so dangerous for both the baby and anyone around them. I already get scratched a lot by my baby brother’s super short nails".

This is however not the first time that such a trend has gone viral and faced backlash. Back in December 2020, a photo of a baby with super long, sharp shaped nails went viral, and yet again parents and social media users were quick to point out that this is not safe.

"I hope they did this just for the picture but then again they let the baby's nails grow this much. Either way it's not good. I feel for the kid." 

Some parents also insisted that this might just be that the baby had particularly quick-growing nails that needed regular attention. 

The baby website, Living and Loving, also weighed in on the subject, saying: "If your baby was born after her due date, her nails might be quite long and sharp. Keeping them short helps prevent scratching of the face, which is common in small babies."

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