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We all have noticed that some odd jokes or comments in children's television shows and movies go way above their little heads, intended for the parents who are forced to watch.

Sometimes when adults realise the slipped-in jokes, it is just one too far – especially for children's content. Well, it appears that a mother has spotted such a comment in one of her daughter's princess books. 

The mother, named Lauren, recently went viral on TikTok after sharing an entertaining video where she reads a line from her daughter's princess story. What is thought of as an innocent line ends up sounding rather X-rated. The mother then points the camera to her face to show her shocked facial expression with eyes wide, looking a little bit mortified. However, her little girl is completely oblivious and tells her to read the "next one".

In the video, Lauren reads: "That's not my princess, her fan is too fluffy," as the illustration in the book shows a red-haired princess holding up a feathery fan.

The video, 
which you can view here, has been watched by more than 108,000 people, and hundreds of people also took the time to comment on the book.

One amused person wrote: "When I say I spat out chocolate milk. I MEAN I SPAT OUT MY CHOCOLATE MILK". Another asked, "Have you got the Christmas one? It says 'that's not my Santa, his sack is too rough'".

"OMG f**ny," another added.

A different user also replied: "HOLY CRUD ME MUM WAS WATCHING."

"Umm oh dear lol... imagine reading this after a few too many to drink, it could lead to many questions."

A fellow mother also reached out by saying: "I'm sure the people who write kids books put things like this in to amuse the parents."

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