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Sometimes, a natural occurrence such as clouds, can take the shape of a very familiar object or animal. But, just like clouds, the natural landscape can also bear an uncanny resemblance. One of the most wild resemblances in mother nature is just off the coast of Iceland. 

A huge rock formation on the island of Heimaey, appears too look exactly like a massive elephant who is busy having a drink out of the huge Atlantic Ocean. The almost wrinkle like texture of the rocks gives the perfect resemblance to an elephant's leathery skin. 

This particular texture was formed by basaltic lava or rock, which is a type of material that results from the rapid cooling of thick lava which engulfed the island many years ago. Coupled with the perfect texture of the rock, is an eye and a giant floppy ear, this rock looks like a huge elephant which seems to be hiding in plain sight. it’s almost as if this is an elephant that's hiding in plain sight.

Check out some of their documentation below, and even more over on Flickr.

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