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Animals can be such clever species. Dogs have a smart talent to pick up various of tricks such as play dead, roll over, and off course fetch. However, have you ever seen a tiny guinea pig doing several tricks he picked up all at once?

A very clever guinea pig named Coco, lives in North Carolina with her human Carolina Cavies. Coco has picked up some clever tricks with he help of her mom off course. Cavies have been sharing adorable videos of Coco doing several tricks in a minute or two. 

However, it seems that Coco has mastered these skills even more. In a recent video, Coco performed a remarkable 19 tricks in just under one minute. The tricks included circle legs, figure eight through legs, high fives, hoop jumps, bell ringing, and pocket picking, just to name a few.

With further practice and maybe some more clever tricks, Coco and Cavies are confident that she will beat that time. Maybe Coco will one day be rewarded with a Guinness World Record of her own.

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