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Our furry friends are not just four legged companionship, but they are our children and best friends. And, for pet owner Ursula Aitchison, they're also her muse for her charming photographs. Golden Retrievers, Hugo and Aitchison, are each other’s yin and yang and together they feature in her ingoing series of portraits in different scenarios. Each one features a different interesting outfit. 

However, Hugo has proved that he can be a star on his own. But it does come with a lot of practice. “Ever since he was a puppy I’d put the occasional clothing item on him or a pair of sunglasses, but I really started about a year ago when other people noted how human he looked!”

Aitchison has introduced a new member to her family. She adopted an adorable Golden Retriever, Huxley, in March of 2019. Huxley definitely fits in perfectly and also has the same dashing good looks and playful spirit as Hugo. 

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