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United States has faced a pressing problem with severe drought across the country. Texas, especially, is one of the places who seeing extremely dry conditions. Several natural rivers has started to quickly dry up, including the Paluxy River.

However, in this stressing times, something very interesting has started to unveil. Due to the severe drought in Texas, an ancient dinosaur path has been unveiled. In the middle of the Paluxy River, which runs through the Dinosaur Valley State Park, lays the footprints of  an 110-million-year-old ancient dinosaur. These footprints was found to be the Acrocanthosaurus.

Scientists has revealed that at that time of the dinosaur, the region was located on the edge of a sea. This could mean that the dinosaur could have been going to wash its feet. Like the well-known T-Rex, the Acrocanthosaurus was an apex predator, weighing approximately four metric tons. However, this dinosaur has some got about 50 million year on his famous relative.

The Dinosaur Valley State Park revealed the interesting video showing the huge footprints imprinted into the bottom of the Paluxy River with three toes splaying out from the heel. And looking at the footprint, the toes had sharp claws at the end, which is for gaining running traction and pinning prey animals to the ground.

Watch the video here on the Dinosaur Valley State Park’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=5780894828612048

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