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The amazing Dutch artist Rajacenna van Dam, is well known for her amazing hyperrealistic art creations. However, this artists has some tricks up her sleeve. She creates her magnificent art by employing both hands independently. This time the artists has showcased her skill even further. Van Dam drew six upside down portraits simultaneously by using both her hands and even her feet.

“I love to challenge myself so I thought why not try for the first time painting with my feet while drawing in a realistic way + upside down and also one drawing in 3D.”

Not only the internet, but Van Dam herself was stunned by the skill she had with her feet. “It surprised me how much control I was able to have over my feet, something I never realised before. All that time I was drawing while I thought my feet were useless with art and now, I discovered they can do way more than I thought!”

Her six portraits included amazing drawings of some famous faces such as Angelina Jolie, Wonder Woman, Billie Eilish, Harry Potter, Bella Poarch, and Shakira.

Watch the long version of her drawing the six portraits down below. 

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