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You have probably seen the hilarious videos of animals being amplified with a microphone and speakers while they are sleeping. Some hilariously wakes up after hearing an amplified fart they left in their sleep. 

But, have you ever heard an adorable cat snoring itself awake? 

If not, then wait no further. A sweet ginger Persian cat, named Mr. Gold, was taking one of his sweet naps near his human. However, during his nap Mr. Gold was snoring so loudly that it started to distract his human from getting any work done. 

Thinking of a good plan, his human decided to have some fun. 

His human turned on a microphone to amplify the feline’s funny snores. 

“That’s my cat, his name is Mr.Gold. He’s 10-years-old, likes to sleep so much and every time he sleeps he snores loudly. One day, I was working in the bedroom and Mr. Gold was sleeping beside me. His snoring was so distracting, I couldn’t pay attention to my work. It was so funny, so I decided to prank him, using the microphone.”

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