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A fishing boat miles off the coast of Thailand recently found themselves im a terrible situation after fire broke out onboard, crippling the vessel and causing it to take on water. The crew put out an emergency call hoping that someone could help them. 

Fortunately a boat nearby heard the call and sailed to their rescue to deliver the eight man crew to safety. However not everyone on the ship was saved. 

Members of the Royal Thai Navy were dispatched to the ship to investigate the damaged fishing boat, which by then was on the verge of sinking. Arriving on scene a member of the Navy noticed that there were still tiny souls aboard. 

Clinging to life on the sinking ship, were four cats in need of rescue. Navy sailor, identified as Tattaphon SaiIt suddenly leaped into action to save the poor kittens. SaiIt swam out to the fishing boat, and swam each of the kittens back to safety.

The frightened and soaking wet kittens clung to Sai's back as he swam them to the navy vessel. Thanks to Sai's heroism, the cats had all been rescued.

Arriving at the navy vessel the kittens were given some food and water to recover from their ordeal. Fortunately, all four kittens were still in good health after their scary experience. 

It is still unclear whether the four kittens snuck their way aboard without the crew knowing or if they had been overlooked when the fishing crew was evacuated. However, despite their traumatic experience, all four kittens are currently in good hands.

Back on dry land, the cats are happily enjoying their life in the care of their rescuers in the navy. 

Though it wasn’t a normal rescue operation for Sai and the other sailors, however that didn’t make it any less important for them. The Royal Thai Navy put it best in explaining their efforts to help those stranded cats by simply saying, "Because every life counts."

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