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Many companies talk about how they can change the world for the better, but very few actually do it. Green City Solutions is making a name for itself on the planet by continuing to launch the innovative CityTree, a functional solution to the problem of urban pollution. This compact bench and pollution filter purifies the air like 275 trees while taking up only 1% of the space a real tree would need to do the same job.

The German startup has continued hosting CityTrees in cities around the world and has now  landed in London. Thanks to the Crown Estate, the first CityTree was installed on Glasshouse Street close to busy Piccadilly Circus. The installation could not be completed quickly enough, as air pollution in London consistently exceeded annual levels in the first few weeks of each year.

So how does CityTree work? The combination of moss and plants is not just a bench, it organically removes dust, nitrogen dioxide and ozone gas from the atmosphere. It also has  built-in monitoring systems that check things like pollution levels, air temperature and water quality,  and is equipped with solar panels for full autonomy.

While CityTree cannot solve London's pollution problem on its own, it is a step in the right direction. "As one of the largest landowners in central London, we want to do our part in improving London's air quality so that our city remains a great place for everyone who lives, works and visits it," said The Central. London Director James Cooksey explained. Crown. property. “There are no easy solutions, so I want to test and learn new technologies along with reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and reducing the number of vehicles on the road.”

Green City Solutions says this is just the beginning of CityTree in the UK, and hopes that in addition to London's expansion, other cities will  join more  urban areas around the world using innovative technology to combat pollution.

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