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So, you think you’re having a bad day? Think again! There’s always someone else having an even worse day than you.

Did you stub your toe and now you're having a bad day? Shame... what a wimp. Think about the photographer who was taking photos of a tiger shark when the macropredator took his expensive camera rig with him and swam off. Or, how about the woman who didn’t realise that one of her glove fingers broke until she had finished dyeing her hair… shocking blue! Now, are you still having a bad day? Didn't think so.

Have you ever missed an exam because of bad planning or time management? That’s what happened to one person who took to social media to ask when their exam is scheduled for. Thinking it was today or tomorrow, the answer came back as a surprise as the exam took place yesterday. We’re thinking it’s a fail.

Sometimes things happen and because we’re so busy with doing life, we don’t always notice them. But, if there’s a place to find out about the hole in your shoe, you don’t want it to be at the urinal. Sorry, dude!

When timing is everything, and it’s also just the worst thing in the world. That’s what happened to one person who installed their brand-new oven on the same day that the kitchen cabinet above it came crashing down. Or, think about the person who just installed their massive (and probably very expensive) new computer screen... and then knocked over their chair which, in turn, hit the desk, causing the monitor to fall on the floor.

Watch the Daily Humour video below for more hilarious moments of people having worse days than you.

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