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Italian pastry chef Matteo Stucchi, is taking creative desserts to the next level. The 23-year-old creates delectable desserts and sugary-sweet treats but adds a twist of his own. Stucchi adds adorable tiny toys to his desserts to transform his baked goods into creative and imaginative miniature scenes.

With each creation Stucchi takes both the aesthetics and the flavors of his creations, into consideration. “In a dessert, decoration is as important as the taste.” 

Even though his desserts are undoubtedly delicious, we can’t help but notice it is his funny creative scenes that really steal the show. Some of his creations involves a compact construction crew that uses a toy crane to dust the delicious tiramisu with cocoa. Another creation involved a pocket-sized priest that officiates a wedding ceremony between a pair of chocolate-covered strawberries. Several other of his creations involves a little river-rafting crew that is navigating through oozing chocolate rapids, and a team of tiny maintenance men giving a monster a manicure. 

With several of his delicious creations, Stucchi proved that he has a perfect confectionery for every occasion. Whether a sugar-coated depiction of everyday life, a tasty take on a formal affair, an appetising action shot, or a unique spin on a holiday cookie.

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