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Professional chef and master restauranteur, Michael Chernow, breaks down famous cooking scenes from well-known movies.

Professional chef and restauranteur, Michael Chernow, starts off with explaining just how saturated the culinary arts industry is today, with more and more people leaving school and positioning themselves towards the industry, which isn't necessarily a problem at all. However, most students who graduate automatically assume that they are professional chefs, but the reality thereof is somewhat different.

Regardless of how academically educated you might be, it means little to nothing in the chef industry compared to experience. Forget about perfecting a boeuf bourguignon dish, what will impress your passionate professional chefs are tasks that are far more basic, such as boiling a soft boiled egg to perfection, chopping an onion the correct way, cooking delicious and simple pasta to al dente, as well as keeping your knives sharp and your kitchen sparklingly clean.

Furthermore, there are chefs out there who simply bite off more than they can chew without getting the fundamental basics right first. Michael also points out some cooking scenes out of movies, some of which bring back memories of his diverse career, and some simply annoy him at just how unrealistic the appear to be.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, GQ, on a Pro Chef Breaks Down Cooking Scenes from Movies | GQ.

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