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On a cliff in Bali, a former Boeing 737 has been converted into a luxury villa. Scheduled to open in April,  Private Jet  by Hanging Gardens is the brainchild of entrepreneur Felix Denim. Denim already operates a one-of-a-kind hotel chain, Bubble Hotel Bali, and  decided to turn luxury hospitality on its head by renovating an airplane. Now it lies next to Nyang Nyang Beach and awaits its first visitors. 

 Denim first bought the plane in 2021. It then took five days to get the plane into place. This is where the real work began. With accents of wood, stone and gold  to fill the room with luxury, the design makes an instant impression. 

They were completely naked, the attributes of the plane's previous life disappeared. The interior now includes two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets. The bedroom in the head of the aircraft also has a jacuzzi with sea views in the cockpit.

The middle of the plane, which incorporates a moist bar, is a not unusualplace area intended for entertaining. A cutout on one wing fills the gap with mild and lets in on the spot get right of entry to to the wing terrace, in which it is viable to absorb sweeping perspectives of the landscape. By walking down some steps, visitors can get right of entry to a pool set into the cliff, in addition to a hearth and barbecue.

With its sandy-coloured interior, the Private Jet Villa exudes tranquility. The use of travertine marble and gold accents handiest complements the steeply-priced experience that incorporates via the whole resort. Truly designed for jet setters, there's even a helipad at the roof of a separate reception building.
Although Denim initially considered buying a villa for personal use, he quickly realised that this unique property was best suited for a luxury vacation. And now he can't wait to open the doors and see what people think about it.

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