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A very kind man named Sam Malloy came across a tiny helpless and flightless hummingbird on the sidewalk. Malloy decided to help the baby in need and took her home where he nursed her until a full recovery. After some necessary treatment and training, the little hummingbird will be released back into the wild. 

The sweet tiny bird, who was named Flit, was malnourished and completely impotent making it very hard to eat by himself and had to be fed with a syringe. But Malloy didn't stop just there. He even taught the little bird to fly by using perches made of household items.

Once it started flying, Malloy wrapped the syringe in bright red tissue paper to make it look like a flower so Fleet would know where to look for food. 

Malloy explained, "I’d just seen this little lump on the sidewalk. I realised that she was a baby she didn’t know how to fly. …she was definitely malnourished…I kept trying to get her to fly there’s a couple times where she’d start flapping her wings really fast. It was like watching a baby take their first steps something almost magical about that."

Malloy added, "I was able to take  a small little delicate creature and nurse them back to health and get them strong enough so that they can go out into the world on their own. …Flit went straight to her food source that gave me a lot of relief and secured the fact that she was gonna be okay."

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