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It is sometimes hard to pin point who the culprit was after a thieving squirrel strikes. And this fluffy-tailed outlaw through exactly that when he committed his sweet crime. However he forgot one of the key factors of being a criminal - getting rid of the evidence. 

Shanna B was the victim of the fluffy squirrels act. That particular day she brought an ice cream cake home for a friend’s birthday party. However after seeing that the fridge was full, she had to come up with another plan. She decided to leave the cake on her porch in the freezing air outside instead, until it was time for the party.

This soon proved to be a huge mistake as she didn’t know there were furry wonderers around. Halfway through the party, Shanna's partner looked out the window to check on the cake, but to his surprise he noticed that the cake had been ransacked. 

While wondering who could have done that, the answer almost stared him right in the face. “A split second later, my partner noticed the squirrel sitting on the deck rail. The ‘oh no!’ became hysterical laughter.”

The furry squirrel was acting cool and innocent while sitting on the fence with its nose fully covered in blue frosting. “The squirrel sat there almost motionless while everyone at the house came to the deck door to observe.”

After running to the store to get a new treat for the party, she noticed the squirrel was back at it near the first cake. But after enjoying the cake by himself the first time, he decided to bring a long his friend. 

“I will definitely be more careful now,” Shanna said.

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