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When you’re on death row, we can only imagine that there are a million things going through your mind – especially during those last few weeks before you take your final bow.

One thing to look forward to at least, is your last meal.

In the United States, inmates on death row can choose any meal they want as their last meals, within certain regulations of course.

We previously featured a compilation video by YouTuber, Be Amazed, called Strangest Last Meal Requests From Inmates On Death Row, which showcased these crazy requests.

Sweets – Gerald Lee Mitchell asked for his last meal to be something sweet, and that’s exactly what he got. His last request was a bag of sweets that he devoured before his execution. Well, if you’re going to go, it might as well be on a sugar high, right?

Everything, but nothing – Lawrence Russel Brewer went big when it came to his last meal. He ordered two fried chicken steaks with gravy and onion; a triple bacon and cheese burger; a cheese omelette; three fajitas; a pizza; a bowl of fried ochre; half a loaf of white bread with barbeque meat; peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts; ice cream and three root beers to wash it down with.

But when the huge order was delivered, Brewer refused to eat anything saying he wasn’t hungry.

A cup of black coffee – Aileen Wuornos, the inspiration behind the hit movie Monster, didn’t ask for anything to eat, but rather something to drink.

All she wanted was a cup of black coffee. It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase “But first, coffee”.

The strangest of them all? James Edward Smith didn’t order food or anything to drink, but rather some soil. That’s right, soil from the earth. At least he specified that it should have been a specific type of soil, but since it doesn’t count as food or drink, his request was denied.

Instead they gave him a cup of yoghurt. Because you know, same same, but different.

In the video below by The Infographics Show, they tell us all about other last meal requests. Here are a couple of our favourites.

John Wayne Gacy’s last meal request was 12 fried shrimp, french fries, 500g of strawberries and, probably as an ode to the fact that he was a manager of a KFC restaurant before his arrest, a bucket of original KFC chicken pieces. Well, at least no one can fault him for his loyalty toward his previous employer.

And then there’s Timothy McVeigh, the minimalist. McVeigh only ordered two pints, that’s about 1-litre of mint chocolate chip ice cream. That’s it, not even a drink.

To find out more about these two and a whole lot more, then press play now and enjoy the show!

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