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California-based photographer Jordan Anast was in the right place at the right time when he captured a rare moment in a surfing competition. Anast was filming a competition at the San Onofre Surf Club  near San Diego when the great thing happened. As he was filming surfer Tyler Warren on the waves, a great white shark jumped out of the water and turned him into a real photobomb. 

 Since seeing a shark infestation is relatively rare,  Anast initially thought he had filmed a dolphin. But when it became clear he had actually sighted a shark, he couldn't believe his luck. “I will never do that scene again,” he said. "It looks like a shark tornado, but it doesn't look real."

Warren happily kept running, unaware of what was happening behind him.  San Onofre State Beach is a breeding ground for juvenile great white sharks, so surfers in the area are used to seeing them. According to the San Onofre Surf Club,  the young shark was trying to catch a pelican, and posted different interpretations of the Great White's jump. 

 It was an unforgettable weekend for Anast, who took millions of pictures of surfers on the beach. "I enjoy stopping time and creating moments that last forever," he said. And, of course, it was a moment worth capturing.

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