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Golden retrievers are known for their kindness and playful spirit, which adorable Lady definitely represents. One of Lady favourite things is to play, especially with other pups. 

What made little lady one of the most excited and happy dogs, was when her family moved into a new neighbourhood filled with dogs. Lady was so excited when she realised there were a dog just like her next door, but not quite as excited as her new neighbour, Nikko. It wasn’t long after the two met when little Nikko started bringing her new best friend Lady a little gift to show her appreciation.

Erika Ekman, Lady’s mom explained, “She (the neighbour's dog) first brought her a ball a few times after they said hello through the fence. Sometimes there are no toys out in the front yard. I think she would have brought it the first time she met Lady if she had a ball in the yard.”

Every time Nikko and her brother, Mac, are outside when Lady is on her daily walk, Nikko searcher for a ball to give Lady when she passes by, probably in the hopes that she and Lady play fetch together.

“Lady would keep it if she could. We take it from Lady and give it back, otherwise they will have no balls left!” Adorable Lady is now always super excited when it is time for her walk so that she can see her best friend. And it is clear that this little routine between Lady and Nikko makes both of them so happy. “She drags us to their house every day [and] gets up on the fence to see if either of them are out.”

For most of the time the two best friends were only able to say hello through the fence, however that has changes since their families have gotten to know each other, and managed to arrange some playdates a few times. 

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