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Driving home from work allows us to chill out and be in our own company, in our own private space... most of the time. Sometimes though, we forget that other people can still actually see us!

Sometimes things just don't work out when we are in a hurry, and leaving things on the roof of our car just spells bad news. I think the one we can all relate to is the seatbelt that just doesn't want to pull out – but the angrier we get, the less the seatbelt actually works. The solution? A deep breath!

Then, when our favorite song comes on, we just have to sing along. And do the guitar solo. And the backup vocals... well, you know how it is!

Most girls are guilty of putting makeup in the car, which can make for some pretty interesting fails. Even girls have road rage and tend to scream at the person in front of them, however, I don't think we would even know what to do if the person decided to confront us. 

It's pretty gross when that old dude is digging for diamonds in his nose but, when confronted with a bee in the car, all hell breaks loose and it's every man for themselves.

Do you do any strange things in the car? Please comment below!

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