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It's time for barrels of laughter as we check out the best of funniest animals 2020.

Ahh...animals, you either love them or hate them. Fortunately, more people love them, and that's why we get amazing videos like these.

What makes animals hilarious is their I-don't-care attitudes to things. For instance, cats will happily push another cat into a bath or stare you directly in the eye as they shove a cup off the counter. Dogs, on the other hand, will crash through the glass sliding door without a care, in pursuit of something to play with.

A lot of the time, though, they're just cute without even realising it. Whether it be because they have a particular look or if it's because they've done something that makes us all go 'aww!', it's one of the reasons why owners will get their cameras out.

The video below by Funniest Animals Ever on YouTube have a compilation of all of these and more. Regardless of whether you like the fuzz-buckets or not, everyone will laugh at a minimum of at least one of these situations. If not, then there is no hope, and all humanity will be lost, one frown at a time.

Don't be that person. Hit the play button below and smile, laugh out loud, and enjoy these animals in all their hilarious glory.

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