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We really shouldn't laugh at other people, but it's human nature, so here are the funniest fails of October 2020!

As we all know, humans are generally a stupid bunch. We manage to get ourselves into ridiculous situations that deserve to be filmed so the rest of the world can share in the idiocy.

Take the dudes popping wheelies on their quadbikes on the street. Fortunately, their buddy behind them had his phone out recording as they touched wheels and caused a pile-up of bikers on top of them.

Another award goes to the lady who left her sunroof open in the car wash and filmed herself getting soaked. Talking about cars... A Lamborghini driver parked like an idiot, too close to the raised pickup next to him. The only way the pickup's owner could get in was to climb on the Lambo's bonnet.

Other people take it to a much higher level, as in oceanliner large. Watching these two collide seems like it was all in slow motion.

There are a ton more hilarious clips in the video by YouTuber, Holy Cow, below. So get yourself a snack or a tasty beverage, sit back, and fill that belly with laughter!

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