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The internet is a source of knowledge and wonder... sometimes. Other times, its filled with some pretty interesting people either trying to get attention or just doing stupid things.

The worldwide web has exploded with certain "challenges" in which people record themselves doing seemingly inane things and posting it online. Usually, it starts off as a way to raise awareness and funds for certain charities and then we end up with the cinnamon challenge.

As funny as it is to watch people spew a tablespoon of cinnamon everywhere, you have to wonder what the reason is for all of this. Even construction workers joined in, attempting to flip their hard hats and catch it on their head, mainly leaving them with a relatively large lump on their head.

Then it just got completely ridiculous with eating laundry detergent and bathing in cement.

These are some of the most dangerous internet challenges that you should NEVER try. Natural selection will get these people one day!

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