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You may think you can predict the weather but Mother Nature will swiftly show you otherwise because the weather can make a bipolar, menstruating woman look sweet as hell!

The world was amazed and shocked at the strong winds that recently and quite literally blew the poor Dutch citizens away. I mean, where else can you hop on a bike with no motor and not have to pedal at all? And just for that extra workout, try cycle against the wind – they'll probably just stay in the same place though!

They say that some countries can experience four seasons in one day and boy did these people get caught on the wrong end of that – but its still kinda funny to watch people slip and slide on the ice and, no matter how old you are, who could resist a puppy playing in the snow for the first time? Or, when you're trying to take that perfect beach shot, just to make sure a monster wave doesn't photobomb your picture!

The bottom line? don't f**k with nature!

Have you seen any insane nature fails? Let us know below.

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