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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have announced their 2023 finalists, giving us all a good feeling. This year's shortlist includes his 41 independent photographs, three portfolios and three videos that showcase the silly side of wildlife. Additionally, voting is now open for the People's Choice Award, where the public can decide who has taken the funniest animal photo of the year. From expressive lemurs to kangaroos playing air guitar, this year's finalists photographed their animals in all kinds of hilarious situations. Some photos are simply adorable, such as a dragonfly perched on a happy turtle's nose.

Some, like the grey fox that relaxes with a piece of wood in its mouth, pose as if their movements were human. Others rely on the photographer's quick timing to create interesting scenes, like a batfish swimming in front of a diver. But no matter how the images were taken, they all have something in common. That means it makes us laugh. And for eight years, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been using laughter to shine a light on wildlife conservation.

In fact, each year the organisers choose a sustainable conservation organisation to support. This year they are working with the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN), a British charity that supports conservationists in their home countries in the Global South. While we wait for the winners to be announced on November 23rd, we've reviewed the shortlist and selected a few favourites for you to enjoy. Scroll down to see them and don't forget to vote for the People's Choice Award. Everyone who votes will also be entered into a prize draw to win £500 (just over $600).

“Air Guitar Roo” by Jason Moore (Australia). Animal: Western Grey Kangaroo. Location of shot: Perth, Australia. “I was driving past a mob of Western Grey Kangaroos feeding in an open field that was filled with attractive yellow flowers. I had my camera with me, so I stopped to grab a few photos. I suddenly noticed this individual adopt a humorous pose—to me, it looks like he's practising strumming on his Air Guitar.”

“Part of Your World” by Danielle Goonan (United States). Animal: Bat Fish. Location of shot: Seychelles. “This trip to the Seychelles was my first big trip after getting scuba certified. Caught this on one of the dives.
“Hang Loose” by Christian Hargasser (Germany). Animal: Lion. Location of shot: Masai Mara. “Masai Mara—it was already half past six in the evening and almost dark… I caught this very short moment when I did this funny sitting position in the middle of playing.”
“Otter Ballerinas” by Otter Kwek (Singapore). Animal: Smooth-coated Otter. Location of shot: Singapore. “Arabesque otter.”
“Teddy Buddies” by Thomas Vijayan (Canada). Animal: Grizzly bears. Location of shot: Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA. “At Katmai National Park, Grizzly bears are in abundance, and hence it is a photographer's paradise. However, the challenge here is clicking a unique frame. This image is full of expressions and proper eye contact by both the bears; hence it is a perfect frame of love and friendship. To get this image I laid down flat on the water and stayed there for a long waiting for the right moment to click.”
“Excuse me, sir but I think you're a little too young to be smoking” by Dakota Vaccaro (United States). Animal: Grey Fox. Location of shot: Virginia, USA. “While I was working deep in the Virginian woods, a family of grey foxes took up residence under the deck of the abandoned cottage next to my work housing. One day while practicing their hunting skills on bits of moss and branches, one of the kits lunged at a small chunk of wood and started rolling around with his prize. Tired after his hunt, the kit lounged on his belly, still holding the wood in his mouth, which gave the strong resemblance of a cigar. I was very envious of the kit at this moment cause who wouldn't want to just lay around all day relaxing.”

“Oh my, talk about poking your nose into someone else's business!” by Bill Gozansky (United States). Animal: Angolan Giraffe. Location of shot: Onguma Game Reserve, Namibia, Africa. “An unusual configuration of giraffes at a waterhole in the Onguma Game Reserve in Namibia, Africa.”

“The rainforest dandy” by Delphine Casimir (Belgium). Animal: Monkey. Location of shot: Bali. “This picture was taken in the monkey forest in Ubud, Bali. This place is a crazy place where monkeys are king! sometimes they give a show, sometimes, they climb on you to look for fleas or steal the piece of biscuit you are trying to eat.”

“Dispute” by Jacek Stankiewicz (Poland). Animal: Greenfinch (Chloris chloris). Location of shot: Bialowieza forest. “I caught this scene while watching birds in the Bialowieza Forest. The young greenfinch was still being fed by its parents. However, from time to time, the birds looked like they were having an argument. My friends interpret this scene in two ways. One, a young naughty kid is arguing with a parent. Two, one kid is reporting to the parent that their brother did something wrong: look, he has broken the glass in the window.”

“The Two Step” by Wayne Sorensen (Australia). Animal: Whiptail Wallaby (known as Pretty Faced Wallaby). Location of shot: Cape Hillsborough, Australia. “Heads back. Arms out. Now it's time for the two-step as these wallabies take their dance to the next level.”

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