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There is a small town in Southern California that has not had a human mayor for over 10 years. Instead, this unincorporated city has three generations of good-natured, canine politicians. Recently elected  Mayor Max III,  a handsome golden retriever, attends community events and parties, and is generally adorable and helpful to the citizens. This four-legged mayor's tradition began in 2012 with his 12-year-old golden dog, Max.

Sponsored by Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF), Max I beat out 14 other dogs and several cats to win the first-of-its-kind mayoral election. Max enjoyed a short period of success, but unfortunately, he died just nine months after taking office. As a result of this tragedy, the ARF approved a mayoral transition plan and Max II took office. He teamed up with Vice Mayor Mikey and Vice Mayor Mitzi, who also won gold medals, and the trio became known as the "Mayors of Idyllwild."

After nine long years in the mountain town, Max II passed away due to health reasons in July 2022. The vice mayor briefly served as co-mayor until the younger and less experienced Max III took over. He will take office in December 2022. Since then, the energetic pup has grown rapidly with the support of the Chief of Staff and owner Phyllis Mueller. “I enjoy playing politics because we never do anything divisive,” she says. “We strive to radiate loving energy to everyone because positive energy guides life and negative energy guides the opposite.”
Max III always seems to do a great job of being a light in the city and promoting the community. Many people visit Idyllwild just to take pictures with him. Like his predecessors, he frequently visits city centres, schools and hospitals, spreading his joy wherever he goes.

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