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We all probably had that moment we wish could last forever. For Marty and Jess Ansen, a retired Australian couple, decided to make their moment last as long as possible, seeing that they have the time. The couple enjoyed their time at sea so much that they took 51 cruises in a row. This is a result of the couple's 40-year love of sailing, but other factors are also at play. The couple realised that living on a cruise was less expensive than staying in a nursing home. So far, they have spent almost 500 days sailing around the world. “Cruising is what we do. "When COVID-19 hit, we couldn't go on any more cruises, so we booked as many cruises as we could as soon as things reopened," the husband explained in an interview with Australian Today. “Finally I said to my agent, ‘Book whatever comes your way,’ and that’s how we ended up with such a long cruise.” 

After coronavirus restrictions were lifted, the couple began their adventure on the Coral Princess in June 2022,  recently docking in Sydney to restock the ship before heading to Hawaii. Once this trip is over, they will board another cruise, the Crown Princess, to sail around the world again. 

Couples make a convincing case for never disembarking, as every need is catered for onboard a cruise ship. "All of our meals are prepared for us, we don't have to cook. We go to the show every night, go dancing after the show, then eat dinner and go  back to the cabin." 

While some may fear being confined on a ship for long periods of time, the couple avoids cabin fever by returning to their quarters only at night and engaging in separate activities during the day. While Marty works out on the terrace, Jess enjoys her time by playing quizzes and bingo. The happy couple seems to understand life on a cruise and even feels comfortable being away from her family. "They're all busy," Ansen says. But sometimes, when they visit a port near their relative's home, they are reunited. After all, her life at sea is about making the most of every day. Jess says: "We're at a point now where we just want to enjoy life."

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