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Many of us have a favourite animal, and we can say that pigeons aren't one of the top favourites among humans. However, there is one man who sees the beauty and full potential of each New York City pigeon. 

As part of our "10 Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask" series, Vice visited with Larry Reddick, best known in New York City as Larry the Birdman. Larry spends time in Washington Square Park with his ubiquitous "family" of pigeons. Larry explained that he spent 20 years in prison for murdering the men who murdered his wife and children in cold blood. After his release from prison, he came to New York City and developed a kinship with these completely misunderstood birds.

"After tragedy dooms Larry's life, he hitchhiked to New York City and found a new family among a group of unsuspecting people: the 'nasty' pigeons of Washington Square Park." Vice sat down with Larry and his flock to find out the answers to all the questions a real bird fan has ever wanted to ask.  

Larry answered questions very candidly about his life,  pigeons, how people react to him, and whether he likes his role as a pigeon person. "Some people's reaction is, they like it...The guy who walked past me earlier said, 'Well, do you just want to sit there and play with those mean birds all day?”... Pigeons make me happy. Don't they make you happy? I never thought I would be infected by a pigeon, and I was shocked when a pigeon landed on me for the first time like it did now. I have always loved animals. ”

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