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Portuguese graffiti artist Bayle wields a spray can like a laser cutter to expertly "carve" his name into concrete and stone. His amazing technical skills allow him to create breathtaking optical illusions where his name appears to be a window cut into the side of a wall. Vile has been drawing graffiti since his teenage years and honed his artistic skills through animation and illustration courses. His training clearly paid off, as it takes time, preparation, and patience to realise such a convincing fantasy.

The most difficult part of his creative process is colour matching. In order for the final product to be convincing, the palette must be chosen carefully. Consider the example of his latest fantasy. “VILE” lies sprawled out on a concrete wall. Weill uses painted letters to "reveal" the decaying interior spaces, choosing colours based on the actual hues found in the abandoned spaces. The process of choosing Vile is not easy because the light changes constantly throughout his day and the colors change as well.

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