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Were you ever told as a kid that you can’t swim on a full stomach because you’ll sink to the bottom? Or what about getting square eyes if you watched too much TV?

It turns out, our parents lied to us about quite a few things over the years.

Like standing too close to the microwave oven will make you sick. A lot of parents have told their kids that standing too close to the microwave could give you an overdose of radioactive rays, which in turn will make you very sick. Yes, radioactive rays will make your very sick or even kill you to be honest, but if the microwave is working properly, you won’t get sick at all. So, go on, stare at that popcorn as you’re waiting for it to finish popping.

Did you like to crack your knuckles as a kid? Then you probably got the reaction from your parents saying you’re going to get arthritis one day. It turns out that the cracking sound isn’t your knuckles or any kind of bone at all, it’s simply air between your bones. So now, this might be another little white lie that our parents told us.

Watch the Bright Side video below for these and other things our parents lied to us about. And, if you’re a parent, you’re welcome for supplying you with new ammunition when you want your kids to do something… or not do something at all.

Image credit: Healthline

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