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Ancient swords have a certain mystique about them. Recently, one of the museums discovered in its collection an artifact that was actually a real ancient weapon discovered in a Hungarian river in the 1930s. In 2018, in her version of the Arthurian myth, a young Swedish girl pulled a Viking sword out of a lake.

Another new find is no less exciting: a Bronze Age sword was found in an old German grave and it still shines like new. The sword was discovered in Nördlingen in southern Germany. It dates from the late 14th century BC. and is therefore more than 3,000 years old. The sword was buried along with other bronze objects in a tomb where the remains of a man, woman and boy were found.

The rare find is an important work of art from the Bronze Age. The handle is octagonal with an intricate pattern. The hilt has been cast onto the blade, demonstrating the skill of  the craftsman. Unlike other burial objects, the sword was clearly intended for use and not for decoration. Although the bronze had turned slightly greenish, when it was unearthed the metal still shone as if  it had recently disappeared underground. 

Why was the sword buried next to  three unknown ancient people? The answer is still elusive. Professor Matthias Pfeil, head of the BLfD, the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation, said: "The sword and the burial still need to be examined so that our archaeologists can classify this find more accurately."

But even now we can  say that the state of preservation is exceptional. Such a find  is a rarity.” The identities and relationships of these three individuals require further study, but the remarkable find is certainly striking evidence of the role  bronze played in shaping human culture and warfare during the Bronze Age. 

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